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6 days 

It's Monday. This coming Sunday we'll be in the studio in Seattle recording the new Maktub record. Reggie was staying at my place this weekend -- he's headed to Montana right now to spend time with his folks before the recording. Kevin is headed up on Saturday. I believe they'll both be staying at my house during the recording. Crazy.

I was talking to Thaddeus a few minutes ago (and Davis earlier today). The hunkering down for studio action has begun. We've been anonymously posting tracks on the internet so we can all review our collective song ideas on our own. It's basically a bunch of rough live tracks -- close to 20 -- that we've recorded using a mac laptop when we're in my basement rehearsal space. We're purposefully capturing the song idea as quickly as possible on one live track with all the instruments playing together (so, no mixing necessary) just to get the notes down and the energy of the initial idea. This should give us plenty of material to work with, but in a looser framework so that opportune shite can happen in the studio this coming week. Given that Subtle Ways was mostly written in the studio and Khronos & SWYM were both meticulously written before we entered the studio, this seems like a nice middle ground for us and an approach we've talked about and wanted to try out.

Comparing these initial song idea mp3s with the final product will be fascinating. Perhaps we'll share them with everyone after the album is out there so we can all compare notes! Wish us luck ...

P.S. We're up to 154 MARC7 members -- thanks a million for making this record happen!

a long, creative weekend 

UPDATE: we're up to 152 MARC7 members (thanks). You can become a MARC7 member.

Kevin came to Seattle to play music all weekend and continue writing the forthcoming album. Thaddeus, Davis and I all live in Seattle. Kevin is in AZ and Reggie is currently in NYC.

The Friday jam session in my basement studio was nothing short of thrilling. Things just clicked and the music that occured that day was it's own reward. I think we realized how much we enjoy each other's company and making music together. I called Reggie after rehearsal and we talked for a while. He's excited as the rest of us - but also a bit nervous about not being here along with us for the intial writing process. I feel this will yield interesting results as Reggie always creates better under pressure and with constraints. Give him infinite time in the studio and you'll get far worse results than if he's on the spot and forced to create in the moment. The first Maktub album was almost entirely written in the studio.

On Saturday we played again and it didn't have the magic of Friday but a couple good ideas came out of the session. Sunday night we had a jam at Seamonster which is traditionally how we've written our albums -- by trying out ideas in a club setting and then solidifying them into songs later. But this night was a bit of a creative mess. Nothing really clicked and aside from one idea it was a bust.

I was personally a bit deflated after the Sunday gig and worried about our last Monday rehearsal before Kevin left Seattle. Thankfully Monday turned out to be widly creative and there were 4 solid ideas that came out of it. My friends Sue and Vince came over to video tape the rehearsal so eventually I should have something to show for it. We all left feeling like the studio is going to rock and musically in sync, which is great.

Each stage of this record so far has been self-rewarding and I can't say that for all our past recording efforts. Next up all 5 of us meet on May 6th to load gear into the studio and begin recording.  I'm really looking forward to it.

- Daniel

Check you out! 

I was looking over the list of MARC7 members today (we're up to 86 as I type). Yooz are interesting folk. I see a world-famous software developer, a forester, a landscaper, an esthetician, gobs of musicians, a Grammy nominated engineer, two restaurant owners, interwebaholics, photographers, journalists, designers, family, friends and generally smart people. I suppose the relevant similarity is you're all music lovers or you wouldn't have jumped on board this life-altering experiment we call the Maktub Album Recording Club 2007 (MARC7). Thanks for your support and be sure to send other inspired people our way -- we'd love the support getting this album knocked out.  We're still on for May 6-16 at Avast! Studio in Seattle.

Kevin forwarded a nice Seattle Weekly interview of Stuart Hallerman, owner of Avast! Studio where we'll be recording the album. Stuart lists Maktub's Khronos as one of the "favorite records" he's made. Ain't that sweet! We're going to have such a blast in the studio making this record. Steve Fisk, Stuart Hallerman and the fellas we call Maktub (that's us). Is anybody out there excited like I am?

By the way, if you're a MARC7 member and don't yet have your picture up or want a different picture or name associated with what is now listed on the MARC7 page, just let me know. You can email info [at] maktub [dot] com.  I can also link your name on that page to your myspace page or a website of your choosing.  Rock on!

- Daniel

Maktub Album Recording Club 2007 

Just emailed, but for those not on the list ...

Ever wanted to appear in the liner notes of your favorite band's album? You can help make Maktub's next album! The Maktub Album Recording Club 2007 (MARC 7) is a way for our friends and fans to participate in our upcoming album. $50 is your ticket into the club.

Here's the deal. Maktub is recording a new album in May 2007. We're pulling together the team that engineered and produced our first two albums: Subtle Ways and what Washington Post music critic Michael Deeds calls "... 2002's soul-rock masterpiece Khronos". That would be producer Steve Fisk and Engineer Stuart Hallerman. We'll use your MARC7 membership to get back to our roots. Here's what you get in return:

  • your name in the liner notes
  • your picture on the site as a MARC7 member
  • signed copy of the new CD mailed to you a week before it releases
  • we'll donate $1 to Rock School (where Thad & Davis teach young musicians)
  • a new Maktub album ... woot!
We'd love to have you along for the ride so go grab a MARC7 membership.

Daniel, Davis, Reggie, Kevin & Thaddeus

P.S. MARC7 members email your photo (JPEG or TIFF) to We'll post it on the MARC7 page.

New album: donation to Rock School 

As part of the new album underway we're creating a MARC7 (Maktub Album Recording Club 2007) membership.  And today Kevin had a great idea that we'll be including as part of your $50 MARC7 membership: a donation to Rock School. Both Davis and Thaddeus teach drums and guitar at Rock School and Maktub is interested in playing a show for the Rock School kids as a show of support for up and coming musicians. Or as Reggie said it best today when the donation idea was proposed, "Lets do that. We need more good musicians in this world!".

In the further evolution of the MARC7 membership, it now includes:
  • your name crammed in the liner notes
  • your picture on the site
  • signed album mailed to you before the release date
  • a $1 donation to Rock School (and we play 'em a show)
  • we all get a new Maktub album -- woot!
I have one more idea brewing and will post if I can convince my fellow bandmates -- or we'll dream up something equally as cool. - Daniel

Austin and MARC7s 

I attended SXSW Ineractive this past weekend where nerds get together and talk about the internet, open source hardware, technology, etc. And there's also quite a bit of drinking involved. I stayed at Sierra and Mattie's house across the Congress Street bridge. Sweet week.

Quite a few friends and fans were excited when I told them Maktub is recording a new album. I floated the whole MARC7 idea to a few folks. So far the response has been more positive than expected. That is, people are telling me they'd definitely pay $50 to feel a part of the recording process -- althought getting their name in the liner notes seems to be a big motivator. We're still tweaking some of the details, but a few people have begun joining the MARC7 club.  We'll email everyone when it's locked down but for now I know we'll be offering the following for the $50 Maktub Recording Club 2007 (MARC7) membership:
  • your name in the liner notes
  • your photo on the MARC7 page
  • signed copy of the album mailed to you before the release date
  • and most obvious/important -- you'll be helping bring a new Maktub record to life!
There's one or two more ideas we've got brewing. By the way, the budget for recording, mixing, producing, mastering this thing is around $10,000.  The band is throwing all our savings in the pot ($2k to $3k depending on a few pre-recording expenses). Steve Fisk is producing the album and Stuart Hallerman is engineering (same fellas that brought you Subtle Ways & Khronos).

On an unrelated but interesting tangent I bumped into a friend at SXSW (I believe at Lo/Fi?) who said he saw Maktub perform in Philly at the North Star Bar a couple years ago. More than anything he remembered there being about 50 people there on a Wednesday to see Maktub. Among the audience was ?uestlove from The Roots and (I'm not making this up) Ozzy Osbourne's band who were in town doing Ozzfest. He couldn't remember ever seeing such a diverse crowd of music lovers in the audience to see a band. Which made me consider that Maktub's strength is most likely that we're a conflicted band. Five very different people with different styles and influences and, as close friends, we somehow cram it all together into something interesting. Hip hop to heavy metal. We are a truly strange and awesome band. - Daniel

New Maktub site 

Hey people. We're getting ready to record the new album in May and along with that comes a new website. We'll need a couple weeks to pull it all together so it may look a little bare for bit, but we're adding more stuff every day.  We'll have the store back up and running w/ Subtle Ways, Khronos, Say What You Mean and the ability to pre-order the new album.

Other than that ... stay tuned as we're putting together a special deal tentatively called M.A.R.C.7 (Maktub Album Recording Club 2007) that'll allow friends and fans to paypal us $50 to help fund the new album.  In return you'll get a signed copy of the new album, your name in the liner notes, and (of course) a new Maktub album!

Okay ... I'll post more news as it happens.
- Daniel

Recording Spring 2007 

We've got studio time booked for May and we've already begun writing tunes for the new album due out in 2007. Hell yeah! And even better news is we're pulling together the team that helped record Khronos and Subtle Ways: producer Steve Fisk and engineer/studio owner Stuart Hallerman.