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Song 7 of 9: Took It All Away 

"Took It All Away" is a dark horse ... and a personal favorite for me (Daniel). There's no great punchline or hook-laden choruses, but it has soul and toughness and it grows on you the more you listen. Listen to "Took it All Away".  Order the FIVE CD and we'll ship it now!  Or, wait until June 23rd and download it from iTunes or Amazon or direct from for free.

Lisbon Space Needle 

Note from a friend ...

finally finished the phd, and 2 days ago we moved to lisbon portugal for a postdoc for a few

but i'm really emailing you because last night we walked into a small clothing shop and the guy working there was wearing a graphic tshirt w/ the space needle on it. i told him that we were from seattle, and that he had the the space needle on his shirt. then he told us that we were listening to reggie watts and that his favorite band was maktub and that he had all of their albums. (this guy is portuguese and has never been to the states).

i thought that was pretty random. we're going to meet up with him for a beer next week, maybe he'll be our first portuguese friend.

hope your doing well, here is a link to my portugal blog:

ok bye

Love it. I'll post a pic of our Lisbon fan if they send one along.

Song 5 of 9: Mystery Of You 

There are many odd things about this week's song: it's in 15/16 (odd time signature), it features cello squeaks from Paul Rucker, it cross-fades into next's week's song and therefore gets chopped off at the tail end. Imagine a stagecoach traveling a lonely rain-soaked trail on mishapen wagon wheels that clunk and squeak out a languid beat across the open prairie. Better yet, listen for yourself cowpeeeps. If you like, pre-order the CD today ... or wait for the free download on June the 23rd.

Song 4 of 9: Strange World 

You can now listen to Song 4 "Strange World". One person described it as "your best friend high on mushrooms giving you advice about life". Better yet, imagine Geddy Lee and Reggie Watts playing lyrical scrabble on the back porch. Strange world indeed.

We're joined by trumpeter Owuor Arunga on this tune. Owuor adds beautiful, sparse trumpet pads in the chorus and Reggie gets caught whistling in the outro. Lovely stuff.

P.S. listen through headphones or decent speakers otherwise you'll miss all the good stuff over laptop speakers

We're not touring, and here's why 

People often ask when we'll be playing live or when the next tour is ... a perfectly reasonable question. Bands tour. That's what they do. Well, most bands anyway. The short answer is we're currently not touring or playing live. However, we are recording and releasing albums. Which brings us to ...

The main reason is we're busy doing other stuff like teaching music, having babies (2 on the way), doing comedy, building websites, cooking, camping and generally living out the other parts of our lives. We played a ton of shows and club nights for almost 10 years and toured together in support of Khronos and Say What You Mean. As the saying goes: that was then, this is now. Will we play live again? The odds are good because we like making music together.

Next up
The last two albums we've been experimenting with how we record and release music. MARC7 was our a first stab at shaking things up (thank you 200 exec prods!). FIVE is turning into our free-ish Facebook album. You'll be able to download FIVE from for free beginning June 23. The next Maktub album may be a hybrid of the two or something completely different. We may record in Daniel's basement (or not). Whatever happens, we'll make sure it's creative and brings fans along for the ride. And, of course, we're releasing FIVE in 6 short weeks. Stoked? We're so excited that we may give away free t-shirts again. That's how we roll.

Song 2 of 9: You Know I Love You 

"Five" releases on Tuesday June 23rd and we're previewing a song a week until it releases. Listen to You Know I Love You (and last week's Slippin' Away) - we'll post song #3 next week. What to say about this tune? It's a love song and it's not ironic. Go hug someone or make-up or make-out.

If you like what you hear do us a favor and tell your friends. You can send them this link:

... and jump on board the Facebook caboose with us.

Introducing "Five" - previewing a song a week until it releases June 23 

We're previewing the first song Slippin' Away from "Five" beginning today, and by the time we reach the magic release date of Tuesday, June 23rd you will have heard 8 of the 9 tracks. We'll save the instrumental for the album just to keep things nutty. So head over here and listen to Slippin' Away.  Let us know what you think. Love it? Hate it? It won't change anything at this point, but bring it!

Reggie named the album "Five" because it's our fifth album and there are five of us. Makes sense. Another interesting fact: the album releases 10 years after our first release Subtle Ways. So, we're about an album every 2 years kind of outfit. But really, you should check out this Five page as it has pictures from the studio, answers to questions and other stuff. Send it to your friends!

We plan on releasing the album as:
  • a free download from (price defaulted to $0)
  • a CD (on and Amazon)
  • via iTunes and as an Amazon download
The free download is a bit of thanks for your help with fan-funding "Start It Over" and generally hanging out with us for the last 10 years. More to report as I (Daniel) figure out how to set that all up ...

A great make-out album 

... or so was our new album "Five" described to me today. Yes, the new album is named "Five". You can read all about it here. We'll be emailing and Facebooking everyone as new song previews are posted over the next 8 weeks.